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Livingston County Realtor Comments

We are not members of the Livingston county realtors association.

Very few of our homes are sold buy a Livingston County Realtor, or any realtor.

Ore Creek Homes has long been selling its homes directly to each buyer with no Realtor involved. We do this to keep the cost down by as much as 6% and have a better level of customer satisfaction and continued Warranty.

However, if you already are working with a Realtor in Livingston County, please have them contact us about payment, we work with all parties to make the end of the day a brighter one.

Our Homes are of good enough build quality that Ore Creek is able to sell them without the use of a realtor and a very minimal marketing campaign; in fact, word of mouth has been the main source of advertising for Ore Creek for many years. Today word of mouth and online reviews keep the communication open between buyers like you and Ore Creek Homes.

Why do Livingston County realtors have so little to say?

Our homes are sold on quality, with the consumer wanting the house based on its features.  Traditionally lower grade built subdivisions are usually sold via a system of commissioned sales.

An Ore Creek Home is a spacious, solid built, long term Michigan Home, designed to perform well with nature and the elements while offering comfort combined with low annual maintenance.